Doctors and Hijama

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Here again this illustrates the need for the superior ijaaza system of education.  “Muslim” doctors, who ran to the western ways of education, the big salaries, prestigious titles, entering the medical mafia system that kills an equivalent of a 747 airliner loaded full of people each week, are searching for some more respect in their own Islamic community, more revenue, another title, thumbing their noses at the superior ijaaza system, and trying to claim hijama (cupping) to be their exclusive territory. Forgetting what medicine and healing are all about. Not understanding that their negative energy and false practices (cutting people and popping pills with side effects) are killing millions of people. Harming them physically and spiritually.  They are boosted by the argument that anyone can place a sign up and start a “cupping” practice and point to the many mistakes they make to take control of this ancient medical art. So the damage done by foolish people who have not been vetted through the ijaaza system are giving all the ammunition that the doctors and regulators need to stop the amateurish and potentially dangerous “cupping” practices. See the problems associated with circumventing the superior ijaaza system. Shaiton has so many traps he can cause man to fall into.

Yes, No Ijaaza, No Hijama


Western Universities and the Certification or Degree System

Besmillah ir rahman nir raheem,

Why are  “Muslim” practitioners of “hijama” holding onto Western ways and ignoring Islamic ways?  No Ijaaza, no Hijama!

Without the isnad (lineage), knowledge quickly becomes mixed with opinion and conjecture, targeting products and services to a paying audience or customer base rather than protecting the divine information, trade, art and knowledge. Schools quickly succumb to market pressures and effectively give students and the corrupt corporate industry what they want in exchange for the money they pay for a particular base of knowledge or degree. Colleges, universities and trade schools are nothing more than businesses selling diplomas. So many people want to know what they get for their money. “What kind of certificate will I be guaranteed if I take your course”, is one of the common demands people make. Effectively, asking the Sunnah of Rassol’allah (saw) to bow to the western university system or to their own egos.ijazah

Among the most ludicrous things I have read from Islamic historians and orientalists is this tendency to apologize for the rudimentary nature of the Islamic system of education. One example is one historian who wrote that one of the great Medrasas of Egypt was recognized as being the closest to the modern day university because of its great lecture hall and the arrangement of its rooms! Comparing the older to the newer, as if the older were inspired by the newer system, is crazy. Does that make sense? What that says to me is that the person making the comparison has no comprehension of true nobility and admires the spiritually dead modern system more than his own roots. So many Muslims today are ashamed of their own heritage, which is a rich and magnificent story! What I see when looking at the old Medrasa compared to the new university is a weak attempt to capture the magnificence of the past. However hard they try they will never reach to the majesty of the past because they never had the connection. University halls today are lifeless moneymaking institutions where students pay to be recognized – given an identity and title – made to feel special, rather than humble and weak. The Islamic learning centers of the Golden age of Islam were centers of obedience to a command from Allah (swt). They were centers for exploring and understanding the words of the Almighty Creator so that the student could better worship Allah and serve humanity. When the obedience and God consciousness leave an endeavor it loses it’s baraka, or blessing. There is no blessing in the modern university system, whether it is a university found in the east or the west. Those old Islamic schools that have traded reality for falsehood are doubly cursed because they have knowingly thrown the gifts given them by Allah (swt) behind their backs preferring profit rather than blessing.

“And remember Allah took a Covenant from the People of the Book, to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it; but they threw it away behind their backs, and purchased with it some miserable gain! And vile was the bargain they made!” (3:187 AYA)

Muslims have a covenant as well, but most of us have too thrown the Quran behind our backs.

Young Muslims now pride themselves on their modern outlook and justify their seeking of degrees from these dead halls of regurgitation by quoting the hadith which commands Muslims to seek knowledge even in China. They take this as justification for coming to a land which is clearly a land which has declared war on belief, whether Christian Jew or Muslim, maintaining a moral lifestyle while living within the United States of America has become very difficult. Seeking acknowledgment for the regurgitation of empty useless knowledge is not the same thing as seeking knowledge. Most Muslim families are not satisfied if their sons and daughters chose to live simple lives learning a hand craft or farming. Most are not even satisfied with their children becoming teachers, or religious scholars. If shepherding was good enough work for the most beloved of Allah then why is it not good enough for our children? True knowledge brings wisdom. What these youth are learning today only brings chaos and confusion. The medical schools in today’s universities are not educating health practitioners, they are indoctrinating soldiers for the Dijal’s army. A close friend of mine who graduated from Harvard Law School many years ago said that he did not hear the word “justice” once as it applied to the actual application of the law. If studying medicine does not train you to heal and studying law does not teach you to apply justice then what is the point of the studying? This is not the seeking of knowledge that the hadith speaks of. Rather it is a boosting of the ego with false knowledge and satanic pride, which we all know precedes a fall.

Need we discuss what is happening in the political arena?

The western certification or academic system while claiming to establish standards and practices that protect the integrity and excellence of a particular field or trade are more often than not nothing more than elaborate unions or associations that protect the financial interests of professionals who practice a given trade. The American Medical Association is one such example of a body that spends millions of dollars on lobbying efforts creating protectionist laws that benefit the professional and not the consumer or patient. In fact, this lobby has been so successful in protecting its trade in America that true healers are forbidden from practicing what is now labeled “alternative medicine.”

Just as corporations have usurped the business world away from local businesses or sole proprietors, the corporate educational system has seized the age old apprentice educational model away from the accomplished and authorized master or teacher. This creates monopolistic educational enterprises that soon degrade the profession and the industries to the point where they become focused primarily on profit rather than high moral standing and honor. Once accepted to a given certificate program the expectation is that if you achieve a certain academic score, regardless of your moral aptitude, you will receive a certificate for the money you paid. This system of producing tradesman, not educating human beings has lost any sign of a moral compass and for this reason, people of integrity and faith should seek knowledge, as ordered by their Creator, even if they have to travel the world to find a true source.